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A few years ago, I was looking to paint my house so I went and got some paint chips at Home Depot.  They had these awesome Walt Disney paint chips.  It was several months before I figured out what to do with them (oh yes, I picked them up because I knew I would be able to figure something out eventually).  I’m bad about that – I collect objects that I just know I’ll be able to use for a project someday.  I used them to make a little mini album of a trip our family took to Walt Disney World when I was a little kid.  For the smaller chips (those with Mickey ears), I applied a rub-on.  Then I put the pictures themselves on the larger paint chips.

Even though I made this quite awhile ago, it still remains one of my favorite projects.  Here are a few pages from the album.


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Wow.  Eleven days without a new blog post.  My minions readers must feel very let-down.  Well, don’t despair!  I bring you glad tidings and great homemade Christmas gifts!

I love love love to receive handmade gifts.  Yes, I know that pretty much everyone says that.  I suspect many of them just say that because they do not want to look materialistic.  But I don’t care if everyone knows I’m materialistic because I am – I still love handmade gifts the best of any.  I think people know that I’m sincere when I say that too, because I receive a lot of nice handmade things for my birthdays, Christmas, etc.  This year was no exception and I’d like to share them with you.

My favorite TV show is “Corner Gas” which the evil minions at CTV in Canada have taken off the air except for the syndicated re-runs.  Boo hiss to CTV.  I also like to write letters.  So my friend Melissa just knew I would love these great Corner Gas notecards that she made me.  There are 3 of each of 4 designs.  “Hello, Jackass” is my favorite.  If you have never seen the show, you are missing out on some seriously funny stuff.  And you can even watch it with your kids and grandma without being mortified.

My faithful readers will remember that I shamelessly asked my mother to embroider a page out of a vintage cook book for me.  If you are not a faithful reader or are a faithful reader with a sluggish memory, here is the post: https://marybt.wordpress.com/2008/11/12/vintage-thingies-thursdays-funny-cook-books/  (nope, still can’t figure out how to insert a link).  Anyway, wonderful mother that she is, she did indeed make me a redwork picture of that page.  You can’t tell from the picture, but she mounted it on what I think is an artists’ canvas and then trimmed the outside in red and white ribbon.  It is now hanging in my kitchen. 

On Christmas Eve, I received a gift from my mom Santa’s Elf.  (Isn’t that strike through thing cool?  I way over-use it though.  That’s okay, because I know apostrophe rules, so I am allowed to break any other rules that I want.)  Santa’s Elf made me some pillow cases.  Isn’t that the cutest fabric?  They fit standard pillows, they are just folded in this picture.  I have already put them on my bed.

My sister made me a poured candle.  It is lavendar in a two-handled teacup.  Very cool.  I burn candles almost every day.  (My husband is kind of stinky.  haha.  Just kidding.  But I really do burn candles almost every day.)

My aunt made me some recipe cards for my book.  In case you can’t tell from the picture, they are 6×6.

My grandma also made me some recipe cards.  I think the sock monkey is awesome!

My daughter also received some really great homemade gifts.  My mom made her this baby doll blanket to go with the doll baby that she and my dad got her.  Mom embroidered Eyeore and then colored him in with Crayola.  She chose Eyeore because we are always teasing my dad for acting like him.  Once, we gave my dad a stuffed Eyeore doll which he carried in the oh-shit-bar in his truck.  He was involved in a head-on collision and when we found Eyeore, he was missing a leg.  My dad swears that Eyeore still occasionally says to him, “Remember that wreck?  My leg still hurts.”  In case you are wondering, the stitching/sewing gene is not hereditary.

My aunt made my daughter this Crayola tote bag.  I’m sure you have seen them on Etsy; I bought one for my niece’s birthday this fall.  I think they are really great.  I had to get new Crayolas for this picture since my daughter ate the original ones within about 32 minutes of receiving them.

My mom made fire starters for my husband since we mostly heat our house with a wood-burning stove that he made.  I didn’t take a picture of them because, well, they aren’t much to look at.  But they burn really well.  She makes them for him every year and he always uses them.  She uses dryer lint, and the melted remnants from candles and then pours it into a cupcake holder.

As you can tell, we made out like bandits this year.  We are truly blessed.

My daughter made her own wrapping paper.  Because of the nature of my business (construction), I have access to old prints.  They make great wrapping paper because they are about 34″ x 44″.  This year, Shelby colored the back side of the prints and we used that as the wrapping paper.  Here’s a picture of her coloring (which she loves to do, but you have to give her every single color, she isn’t having any of that red and green only non-sense) and a picture of one of the boxes we wrapped with her paper.  And, yes, that is pizza on her face.  I guess you will have to revoke my Jingo Mom card.  Oh wait, I never got one issued to me in the first place.  Things like this are probably why.

Isn’t that ribbon nice?  I got it at Costco.  It takes a stronger woman than I will ever be to pass up 50 yards of ribbon for $6.99.

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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for.

It’s time for Part 2 of my Easy Handmade Christmas Gifts Series.  Today I will be showing you an altered candle.  These are great because they look very elegant but are so easy and inexpensive to make.

For this project, you will need:

1 pillar candle (Walmart has some in their Christmas aisle for about $2)

1 sheet of tissue paper in the same color as your candle

A dye ink pad (you don’t have to use dye ink but it’s better as pigment ink will have a tendency to run on you)

Rubber stamp

Craft heat gun

Ribbon and any other embellishments you might like


First, you will stamp your image onto the tissue paper.  You can use any color of candle, but the tissue paper needs to be close in color to the candle so that it blends in well.  Then trim around your image.  I did several of the same image for this candle, but if you have a large image, you might just want to do one.  Next you will hold the tissue paper against the candle.  If you want to, you can use a very tiny dot of glue to hold it on; I have found, however, that the static electricity from taking the wrapper off the candle is enough to hold the tissue paper for my purposes.  Use the heat gun to melt the tissue paper onto the candle.  You will want to rotate the candle a bit as you melt the wax so that you don’t get runs in your candle.  If you do happen to get a run, just reheat the area with the craft gun and rotate the candle until the run disappears.

Once the wax has cooled (about 2 minutes), you can embellish your candle further in any way you like.  I glued sequins into the middle of the snowflakes.  For this one, I used Tacky Glue but, in retrospect, I think hot glue would have worked well also.  I then used my red Stickles by Ranger (glitter glue) to put little glittery dots at the end of the snowflakes.  Finish off by tying a pretty ribbon around the candle. 

Some other ideas you might consider:
I have stuck floral picks behind the ribbon to add a little dimension. 
You can spray the candle with glittery spray paint to add a little glitter.  (I’m a fool for glitter – anything tacky really – you’ll notice that I put a little red glitter on the top of this candle.)

You don’t have to use the tall pillar candles.  You can use shorter candles, votives, etc. 

The possibilities are endless!  Pair this with a small glass charger plate, wrap in a cellophane wrapper with a pretty ribbon and you will have a wonderful Christmas gift!

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Don’t you like how I end all my post titles with a period?  There’s just something about periods; they are a much better punctuation mark than, say, a superfluous apostrophe.  I think it really adds a touch of class to my blog!

Anyway, for this Thursday’s Vintage Thingie, I’m presenting … my daughter!  Sort of.  Actually, I’m presenting the decorations for her first birthday party.  First things first, here’s a picture of my beautiful one year old.  We had a small family gathering at our city lake last night.

I took several vintage Little Golden books and copied pages from them to make my decorations.  Here is a sampling of some of the books I used; not all of them, I actually used about a dozen.  I found them in various places and borrowed some from my dear mother.


The festivities started with these invitations that I made using an image from Charming Chattie.  The pink circle and “Celebrate” are mounted on pop dots and the “Celebrate” is from one of my Xyron Runner cartridges.


Here are some pictures from the party.  I made dinner plates and dessert plates by cutting my images into circles and mod-podging them onto the plates.  I put the napkins and silverware into tin buckets from Hobby Lobby – I mod-podged Little Golden images onto them also.  The cupcake toppers are also Little Golden images cut into smaller circles.  There were 3 bud vases showcasing Little Golden images.


Here are some close-ups of a couple of the dessert plates.



For more great vintage stuff, go visit the Apron Queen at http://anapronaday.blogspot.com.

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Well, you surely know by now that I have a real thing for altering items – particularly this huge pile of CDs that I get in my junk mail!

Here’s my version of an altered CD notebook that you can use to write down notes and random quotes that you’d like to remember for whatever reason (cough cough scrapbook page cough cough).

My Crop-A-Dile punches right through the CDs and the stack of paper (I cut the paper using my Creative Memories circle cutter).  That reminds me, if anyone wants to send me a Making Memories circle cutter, I’ll be glad to trade you a picture of gun shot pink plastic flamingos for it.  A book ring binds the journal together nicely – I finished it by tying ribbons around it so it wouldn’t look so stark.

Be prepared for some shameless self-promotion…this item is for sale in my Etsy shop.  Just click on the Cinnamon Toast Girls link that you see to your right. 


Items used: 2 CD’s (1 on front and 1 on back), Mod Podge, Crop-A-Dile, miscellaneous ribbon scraps, book ring from hardware store, Making Memories Garden Party patterned paper, Bazzill cardstock, Making Memories clip, Heidi Swapp Florals in Kiwi and Dark Pink, Bazzill Collection Polished Pebble in Lip Gloss.

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