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For this week’s Vintage Thingies Thursday, I am bringing you none other than … my fridge! 


Okay, not the whole fridge because that would be insane, just a tortilla, a jar of jalapeno slices (which I had to pry off the shelf with a screw driver to stage the picture), a box of baking soda of questionable origins, and a Tupperware with what I can only hope is lettuce.  I may never know though because I’m scared to open it.  Just kidding.  The tortilla isn’t vintage, it’s only 9 years old.

For my real vintage find, I bring you my baby blanket.  My mother made it for me when I was a baby (hence the phrase “my baby blanket”).  She embroidered the alphabet, one letter per square, and a flower at each corner.  Then she sashed it (is that the correct term?) and tied it.  Some of the seams on my poor blanket could stand the attention of a talented seamstress, but I still love it.  I don’t have any distinct memories of using it for some reason, but I do remember the curtains in my room matched it – they were orange gingham.



Thank you for checking out my blanket this week.  For more good stuff, come check out my pantry (did you know Easy Cheese could expire?  It tastes tangy after the date on the can).  Just kidding.  If you want the really good stuff, go see the Apron Queen at http://anapronaday.blogspot.com.


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