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On my recent post featuring curled hot dogs and bow tie pasta, reader Frenchymms posted the following comment:

How exactly does one get hotdogs to curl?

I was intrigued.  So Meat Galore and I experimented … if you cut the hot dog into quarters longways and then microwave it, it curls up.  Now you know how to make curly hot dogs.  You are very welcome.


Real Simple this month had a section on how often one should launder one’s clothes.  According to Real Simple, jeans only need to be washed after every 4th to 5th wearing.  I never knew I was so much dirtier than the average person – because if I didn’t wash my pants any more often than that, they could probably stand on their own.  Have you ever wondered if Martha Stewart is some kind of ghost writer for Real Simple?


I read other people’s blogs for a few reasons: they make me laugh, they inspire me with craft ideas, or I like to spy on them from the comfort of my own home.  Therefore, I find it very frustrating when a blog I read to satisfy my voyeuristic tendencies has a post to the effect of, “I’m going through a lot of stuff right now,” and then doesn’t say what all the stuff is.  It should be against the law to say that if you aren’t going to elaborate!


I’m going to put “how to curl hot dogs” in the tag for this post.  I anxiously await to see if anyone ever Googles that.


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Obviously, I love making altered cavasses!  This is one that I made for my mom for Mother’s Day.  I cut the ladies off the package of a dress pattern from 1954.  Then I mounted them on cardstock and used foam board to make them stand out from the canvas.  I love the trendy art of smart aleck vintage ladies.  I made a similar one for myself but it didn’t turn out well, so I’ll have to redo it.

This is another one I did for myself.  It’s very simple – but I’m a simple kind of girl.  (Not really, but I’d like to be.)


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I got a Good Housekeeping magazine from January 1966 because, quite honestly, I love them.  It’s a good thing they are cheap (when you can find them).

I also love to try new recipes out of vintage magazines.  Recipes like … say … Golden Fruited Meat Loaf.

No, it isn’t staring at you.  Those are actually prunes.  Here, I’ll show you.

I use the phrase “meat loaf” in the strictest terms.  It is made of both veal and pork.  Why do I call it the ADD Meat Loaf though?  Because it also has sweet potatoes, prunes, green beans, and almonds.  I can imagine serving this to my family, “Mooooooom, my dinner is staring at me!  I’m scared!”  And my husband yelling, “Don’t stomp on it, it isn’t a giant insect.  It just looks like one.”

Nothing says gourmet, though, like curled up hot dogs served with bow tie pasta.  Especially if you call it a Saucy Frank Dinner.

Aaaaaand … a close up.

Remember, nothing says you love your family like serving them a gourmet meal!  And nothing screams gourmet like curled up hot dogs sprinkled with parsley.

(Okay, I am not making this up.  I was just proofreading this and Meat Galore comes in and says, “Are you gonna make that hot dog thing?  It looks really good.”)

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