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As promised, I am bringing you a tacky find from the grandma estate sale last week.  I didn’t pick up this creamer when I went to the sale.  But when I told my mother about the sale, she had to go check it out and I asked her to pick up the creamer if no one else had.  She seemed genuinely surprised that it was still there.

I wonder what it says about me that I love this tacky plastic treasure … But mostly I wonder where I’m going to put this lovely lady.  And what I’m going to name her.  Bessie seems too obvious and bourgeois a name for her.


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Today’s Tacky Tuesday is straight from Deliverance a thrift store in the Ozarks.  My mother bought it a couple weeks ago to salvage the buttons.  Words elude me.

But my mother also insists that I comment on the excellent workmanship.  And it is good.  Someone obviously put a lot of work into this.  It’s kind of too bad it ended up being donated.

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I think I should start doing a Tacky Tuesday post every week.  I’m pretty sure I can find at least one tacky thing every week.  Surely my crazy egg-throwing neighbor will be good for at least a couple posts.  I know today is Monday.  But Tacky Monday just doesn’t have the same ring as Tacky Tuesday.  And it will be Tuesday in 3 hours  …  Work with me here.

I found this awesome aluminum squirrel nutcracker at a garage sale.  Can you believe someone would sell this priceless treasure for a mere quarter?!  What were they thinking?  He now happily resides on top of my refrigerator.  At least I think he’s happy; he hasn’t complained.  I also think he eats my Ritz crackers because when I went to open his mouth to get an open-mouthed picture, a Ritz cracker was in there.  And I know it wasn’t in there when I bought it.  I am a little bit embarrassed to tell you how I know with absolute certainty that there were no crackers in his mouth when I bought him, so you’ll just have to take my word on this one.

Now that I’ve brought my aluminum  squirrel nutcracker to life with this blog post, it occurs to me that he needs a name.  And maybe a hat.

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