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I finally attempted a Martha Stewart craft that actually worked!  Of course she used beeswax and sticks and all sorts of weird stuff to make it more difficult than it needed to be.  I just used a hot glue gun and google eyes from Dollar Tree.

So … How do you like my new bracelet?



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I totally flipped for Flippin!  And I want to move there.  On the way home, I thought of all the things I would say if I lived in Flippin … The first thing that strikes me is that the town lends itself to an excessive use of exclamation points.

“I need some cash and a new gun.  I think I’ll go sell some of my crap treasures at the Flippin Pawn Shop!

Look at the calendar!  It’s the first Tuesday in November!  I better go vote for the Flippin Mayor!

On Sunday morning, I would worship at the Flippin Church of Christ!  (I’d have to convert though because Flippin United Methodist Church doesn’t have the same ring.  And also because I didn’t actually see a Flippin United Methodist Church.  What do Flippers have against Methodists anyway?!)

But I could only make Sunday worship at the Flippin Church of Christ if I didn’t get picked up by the Flippin Police on Saturday night!

 (Earl!  Somebody stole my Camaro!  Call the Flippin Police!)

And if my bonfire gets out of control (which has never actually happened to me), I could holler out, “Somebody call the Flippin Fire Department!  Hurry!”

And I could go shopping at the Flippin Bargain Box!

Imaginary Friend:  Hey, Mary!  Great shirt, where’d you get it?

Me:  Thanks!  I got it at the Flippin Bargain Box!

And, when my kid is a little older, I could start every morning by yelling, “Hurry up!  We’re gonna be late to the Flippin High School!”

And a week would just not be complete without date night in the Flippin Business District, Baby!

Yes, I did spend an inordinate amount of my vacation time driving around Flippin.  We even ate lunch there one day.  The people are very nice and dinner at Sodie’s Fountain and Grill was delicious.

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Let me walk you through a typical evening at my house.

Kid:  What’s for dinner, Mommy?

Me:  Hmmm … How about lima beans and bologna?  I know it’s your favorite!

Kid:  Yay!  There’s nothing that can’t be improved by adding lima beans!

Me:  You’ve been really good today.  I think I’ll put some pineapple on top as an extra special treat!

Kid:  Yay!  You totally rock, Mommy!

Okay, well maybe it doesn’t happen exactly that way … but it might!

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Do you ever wonder what your candy corns are thinking?

They think about the same things as most men do.

This is the best pick up line ever.  Well, it is if you’re a candy corn.

I recently discovered iron-on transfers.  So I googled Candy Corn Clipart and found this one.  I transferred it onto my fabric and outlined it with a stem-stitch (that’s technical embroidery talk).  For the pick up line, I just did it on my word processor, used an iron transfer pencil to get it on my fabric, and embroidered it too.  The face is free-hand (which exhibits the extent of my drawing abilities).

In case you’ve been living under a blog-free rock, that is a pumpkin painted with chalkboard paint.  More on that later this week.

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Banners are all the rage these days.  And there are some really cute ones out there in blogland!  I decided to make one for my front door.

I used my Cricut to cut out the Jack O’ Lanterns and then just glittered them.  I glued them on to the ribbon and it is attached to my front door at either end with 2 strong magnets.  (Have I ever mentioned how much I love having a steel door?)

My banner has a huge advantage over a wreath too … storage!  I can store this thing in a sandwich size Ziploc!

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Do you ever see something so bizarre, that you just know it has to have a reasonable explanation?  But the reasonable explanation can’t be anywhere near as fun as shouting, “What the heck is that?!”, stopping your truck in the middle of the road, and holding up traffic while you force your sister to take a picture of it from 3 angles?

That’s what happened to my sister and me a few weeks ago on our way to the Bass Pro Shop.

For the record, I was driving.  When we went past it, we both just looked at each other with a dumbfounded expression.  That’s when I turned around and made her take the pictures.

It’s comforting to know the owner “will be back” to reclaim her treasures.

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Hello to all my dear beloved readers.  I am back from my Sabbatical.  Did you miss me?

I got this zip front hoodie at the Gap Outlet last weekend for $11.99.  It’s last season’s style – I was way too embarrassed to wear last season’s hoodies, so I decided to shake it up a bit.

I got the design from Jenny Hart’s Embroidered Effects book.  I love that book – the stitching instructions are invaluable.  Hers were the first that rendered me capable of french knots.

So now I can wear last season’s hoodie and still hold my head high.

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