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My dear friend Deanna (the same Deanna who so bravely bared it all and did a guest post for me a couple weeks ago) figured out how I could fix my computer!  Yay!  So I am back in the blog business.  I tell you what, you are very very lucky blog readers!

Here are a couple of journals that I made for a friend’s daughters for Christmas.  They are made from the black and white composition books that you can get anywhere.

The second one was really hard to get a picture of because the paper is shiny.

I’d like to make one for my daughter but she’d probably just eat it.  She was eating embroidery floss yesterday.  She gets that from the paternal side of her family.

I got her this tutu and wing set from this Etsy seller, http://www.etsy.com/shop/JKMDesigns , I don’t know if you can see it, but it also came with a wand.  I highly recommend JKM Designs for all of your fairy outfit needs – she does a really nice job and her prices are reasonable.  I got a ladybug tutu and wing set for a baby shower I recently attended from JKM Designs also.

And, yes, that is aluminum duct tape on the window.  She convinced her daddy that it looked pretty.  You laugh now, but I bet the hardest heart in the world could be convinced by a little blond girl wearing a tutu and wings!


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My dad found this sign in an antique store.  It kind of cracks me up!

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Flaming Cabbage.

Have you ever been invited to a potluck and didn’t know what you should take?  Well, this recipe I am about to share with you will solve that problem for you forever; because one of two things will happen.  Either you won’t be invited to another potluck or everyone will love your flaming cabbage so much that they will ask you to make it every time.

My mother called me and asked, “How do you keep a straight face when you’re playing a joke on someone?”  I answered back, “Well that’s usually pretty easy since my jokes aren’t very funny.  What are you going to do?”

Well, she found this flaming cabbage recipe (well I don’t know if it’s technically a recipe – you just hollow out a cabbage and put Sterno in it) in a retro cookbook and she took it to her book club and told them that they were supposed to use it to roast cocktail weenies.

The only problem was that everyone thought it was a great idea!  And no one laughed.

I probably wouldn’t laugh either if someone brought me a flaming cabbage and told me to roast cocktail weenies on it.  There’s nothing funny about cocktail weenies.

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I have had a little blog block lately.  And I still haven’t gotten all the software downloaded onto my computer so I can’t upload pictures (stupid hard drive).  Therefore, I asked my dear friend Deanna to write a guest post for me.  Did she ever!  With no further ado, “Let’s eat Grandma!”  Or is it, “Let’s eat, Grandma!”?

I felt honored by Mary’s request to be a guest blogger on her page.  I’ve never written a blog before, so bear with me.  Or is it bare with me?
Which leads me to the subject of my blog, word confusion and improper phrases.

Who among us has not had that hair pulling moment when trying to remember the proper time to use their, they’re and there? Or bear and bare? Or except and accept? Or affect and effect? Is the phrase, “woks of life or walks of life?” or “chester drawers verses chest of drawers” or should that be versus???

As you know, one slip and use of the wrong word or usage of the wrong phrase and your sentence has taken on a whole different meaning.  For instance, you are writing  a letter to your boss  asking for a raise and you ask him/her to “bare with you” while you explain your reasoning for deserving a raise.  Hmmm…well, it might help depending on how well your boss likes you!

Or how about “For all intensive purposes,  an air mattress is the worst choice for everyday use.”  OH really?

My husband is not a speller. We have been together for 17 years and I still have yet to convince him that smile only has one “l”.  My eleven year old and I will get bored sometimes and ask my dh to spell words just to get our jollies.  Luckily my husband laughs about it as much as we do.  It makes the grocery list quite comical when he says we need  cat liter.   Even more interesting is when we broke our salad “thongs” and needed to purchase a replacement.

One day my brother got really aggravated with me and finally yelled, “Deanna! It is NOT anyways!”  Hrmph.  What does he know?

Here’s to hoping you all remember when to bear and when to bare!

Totally off topic, Mary saw a few of my recent crafts using my Cricut Expression that I received for Christmas.  I have to give credit to the folks who inspired my creations. I am using a program called “Sure Cuts A lot” which I purchased off of Scrappydew.com.  I got the SVG cuts for the baskets  Lacey Stephens blog  http://handstampedbylacey.typepad.com/my_weblog/ and the cuts for the lattice work and the butterflies from the svg files at craftedge.com sure cuts a lot forums, svgcuts.com, from Wanda at http://wandascrafts.blogspot.com/   and Penny Duncan (who answered my emails lickety split!) at http://pennyduncancreations.com/ . I have had so much fun with my Cricut and I am inspired by reading and viewing the crafts from other Cricut owners. Maybe something I post will inspire you as well.

Blessings to all!

(These next 2 are DVD cases.)

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