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I have to make a confession.  Anytime I go to a thrift store (which is embarrassingly often), I make a bee-line for the button bin.  I love collecting buttons.  I just don’t like talking about my buttons because … well … to be honest, it’s a little boring to look at peoples’ button collections.

So I won’t show you my (vast) button collection.  But I will show you something I made with my vast button collection!

I am sincerely hoping that, since I didn’t make you suffer through a tour of my buttons, you will forgive my pictures being dark.  I keep forgetting to take pictures of this during the day and indoor winter photography is very hard for me.

But I digress.  The tree template is actually a Halloween quilt pattern from my friend Missie at The Quilt Stop here in town.  http://myquiltstop.blogspot.com/ 

I took a 5×7 frame from Dollar General and removed the glass.  Then I glued some background paper to the back part of the frame, glued down my tree and then buttons and finished it off with a “Happy Thanksgiving” sticker.  Which is all pretty self-explanatory.  Have fun making yours!



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My name is Mary and I have an addiction to glitter.  I glitter everything.  Gourds.  Pictures of strangers.  Mason jars.  Deer statues.  My pants.  Although to be fair, the glittery pants are more a result of spillage than intentional bedazzling.

So why not make a glittered turkey?  Isn’t he cute?


I free-handed all the paper piecing.  And used Martha Stewart glitter, of course!  He’s mounted on an 8×10 artist canvas.

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